Music Room Ramblings

Teaching Recorder

in the Elementary Music Classroom

Student Book

Teacher's Guide 

28 Songs, Levels 1-2
Lesson Plans for teaching every song

Learning how to play a musical instrument begins in Kindergarten by building a foundation. See Teaching Music Reading Skills for how to prepare your students!

 Student Book

Holiday Song Resource Teacher's Bundle 

  • Beautiful songs for the holidays
  • Standards-Based Lesson Plans for teaching 

  • Narration for Holiday Program 
  • Fabulous soundtracks, composed specifically for this item

  • 4 best-loved patriotic songs for every child's repertoire
  • Historical narration for performance
  • Fantastic soundtracks composed specifically for this item
  • Standards-based lesson plans for teaching the songs to all ages 


Teaching Music Reading Skills, K-4, method book

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