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Compose a Musical Story

This is a wonderful activity for 4th-8th grades. 

Based on the standards for composing, improvising, analyzing.

Use this activity in small groups, large groups, or independent. 

Students will apply their vocabulary knowledge to analyze Theme and Variations form.

They will determine how the composer used all of these terms to create each variation.

Then students will be challenged to compose their own variation to tell a familiar story.


Finally, students will critique the performance of each group. 


This 4-star rated activity includes lesson plans, Powerpoint, rubrics, and assessment.

 Who was Humpty Dumpty? 

What on earth happened to him?

This is the sad tale of Humpty.

Engage your students in a fun discussion and be careful . . . 

You will have a hard time keeping a straight face! 

Just how good are your acting skills? 

Activity for kindergartners and first graders to reinforce the higher order of thinking skills found in Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains

A poster of these skills has been included for you to post in your room.

This is a super fun activity that uses the old nursery rhyme in a new way to encourage creativity. 

A great lesson for your teacher evaluation. I guarantee 100% focus and participation from your students! 

Includes two songs, word cards, 
lesson plans, and . . . Read More.






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