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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Oh, No!! Mrs. Aston Moved the Meter!!

Behavior Meter

Classroom Rewards System and Behavior Meter

Several years ago, I implemented a plan using a simple "Behavior Meter" and classroom reward system. I couldn't believe I had gone so many years without it. It improved the learning environment in my room immensely.

The key to any plan is consistency and follow-through. I assembled and attached the "Meter" to the board where I had easy access, and when I found myself raising my voice, I would move the arrow up one level. One teacher who is using this in her classroom calls it the "Happy Dial." I love it!

Whenever I moved the arrow or even my arm toward the arrow, the students immediately calmed down and encouraged others to do so also. I could hear the whispers all over the room, "Hey, guys, be quiet. Mrs. Aston is going to move the meter!"

I rewarded classes who could consistently maintain a green level every 4 and a half weeks with a very quick cup of popcorn at the beginning of class. Called it a Popcorn Party and made a HUGE deal out of it. I did not require perfection. One bad day was allowed, 3 out of 4 classes would earn the class a "Party."

Even the classroom teachers would look at my chart posted on the door and tell their students they expected to see "Green" when they returned. Then they would praise them mightily if they had a green circle by the teacher's name! Because all classes were posted on the door, each teacher could quickly see how the other teachers' classes were doing. A little competition is good for the soul, I think!!

The students worked as a class to earn their reward. I did not allow one (or a few) student(s) to determine the "fate" of the entire class. There were consequences for them, too. For more details, the meter, and how to implement, check it out!

This plan works in any classroom all the way through middle school!

Classroom Management Plan and Behavior Meter

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