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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mrs. Aston, What have you been doing?

Great question! So glad you asked. I've been very busy and I haven't been busy writing on my blog. Sorry.

First, I am in charge of our family's Cousins' Camp, which is a fantastic time for all of the cousin kids (13) on my husband's side of our family. He is one of four children and he and his brothers and sister all have grandkids. We have one daughter who lives in Chicago and she has two kids. Our grands didn't know the other kids in the family very well at all. So I decided to start a Cousins' Camp last year. The grandparents are the camp leaders and the grands were all invited to a 2-day, 1 night camp experience with their grandparents. Last year only 6 kids were able to participate and 2 sets of grandparents. But it was so successful, that 13 came this year and was fantastic. Only one grand could not come. The parents have 2 days of alone, kid-free time, and the grandparents have a wonderful time with their grands and without supervising parents! Works out for everyone.

Elementary Music Lesson Plans

Unit 1 

I have also been writing every day trying to finish Unit 1 that will complete the set of Units for Elementary Music Teachers for a year. I am excited to say that it is complete!! Finally!!

And the great news is—until July 31st, I will send Unit 1 to anyone who has purchased Units 2, 3, and 4,  FREE!!

These units are close to 200 pages each of lesson plans, songs, teaching posters, activities, and have assessments built into each lesson. All based on the Standards.

Family News

Finally, my biggest news is that our daughter and her family are moving to Nashville! And they are going to be living with us for a while. Oh, my! So my husband and I have been working hard trying to make room in our small home for their family of four. We are so excited and as much as I have loved writing and creating for my products on Teachers Pay Teachers, it's been hard to focus when I needed to be cleaning! Never thought I would be so excited about going through stuff and cleaning out. Goodwill has become our best friend. We could have opened our own store!

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