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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Glimpse into Retirement

Babysitting 101—Grandmama's Great Idea! 

This is long! But since I've been out of pocket for a while, I thought I would share a story from a day in my life as a grandmom and retired music teacher. This actually happened a couple of months ago and I realized I had not posted it. Oh, well . . . Here it is now—

Let's go to McDonald's after church! Yay, say the kids. Thanks, Siri, for finding one close. Two Happy Meals, please. What kind? Well, I don't know. The one with hamburger and fries. Who knew there were so many options? So far, so good. The toys were a hit. No repeats. Both kids ate great. The 2-yr-old dips everything in ketchup, yep, even apples. Yumm! Not real sure what I gulped down.

Back to the car. No, the 5-yr-old can't buckle herself in this time. OK. No problem. Ready to go. Siri, how do we get home. No answer. Phone is dead. Uh oh. This directionally-challenged granny has a problem. Lost in Chicago. Already off-route, we just turn, find a familiar street, and go until Siri gets charged. Get the directions, check on kids, yep, the 2-yr-old is asleep.

Get home, have to park around the corner, and tell the 5-yr-old to try to unbuckle and get out on the sidewalk side of the van. Not happenin'. Had to unbuckle her first and leave all their paraphernalia in the van. Picked up the 30-lb 2-yr-old to begin the trek home. Almost died several times but finally made it to the gate. Unlocked gate and then the door, one-handed, and the 5-yr-old tells me, Grandmama, you can't take our stuff home with you. I know, I tell her, we'll get it later. Now, it will take me a while to come up the stairs (at least 200 to get to 3rd floor) carrying your brother. Please go up and unlock the door and get everything you need out of his room so I can put him down for his nap. Sure, Grandmama.

Made it up the stairs, wishing I had bought him a salad instead of that 10 lb hamburger. Almost died 3 more times. Put 2-yr-old down for nap. Ready to crash on the sofa with the 5-yr-old to watch Rescue Bots, and she says, I'm hungry!

Moral to this story? HOORAY for all the wonderful MOMMIES AND DADDIES everywhere who do this every day!!!!! You are my super heroes!

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