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Friday, May 22, 2015

Sequential Learning Experiences or Random Activities?

Hopefully, today, many of you are ending your year and looking forward to some well-deserved rest. You have made a difference in the lives of children, even though you’ve faced the many challenges that go along with your job as elementary music teacher. No one knows how difficult it is and no one knows how rewarding, except those of us who have been there. I just have to say, You are appreciated for all of the hard work, extra time, and just plain giving of yourself to the children you teach.

Use your time this summer to rest and recharge. When you’re ready to start planning again, please visit my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. I have added many new items and everything is based on the successful experiences of 30 years in the classroom.

One thing I've noticed is that many teachers are asking for and buying activities on Teachers Pay Teachers because they are cute and fun. And I have seen some really great activities on TpT. My concern is that many teachers are trying to find enough fun activities to get through the day, the week, create a lesson plan, etc. and are not focused on the long-term sequential learning experiences that are necessary for children to develop a quality foundation in music education. It takes time to build a standards-based program that begins in kindergarten. Isolated, random activities that are plugged into a lesson plan just to fill time does not accomplish that goal.

The Unit Lesson Plans that I have made available will help you develop the kind of program that children need to be successful and lifelong learners of music education. I will be completing the bundle this summer. Currently Units 2, 3, and 4 are available. If you have already purchased these, email me and I will send you Unit 1 for no cost.

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