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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Freebie Friday!

What a great week. First a SALE, then Teachers Pay Teachers surprised everyone by extending the sale one extra day,

and now? It's . . . Freebie Friday!

Check out "Humpty Dumpty." This became a favorite in my classroom for kindergartners and first graders.

Children will become involved in using higher level thinking skills as they dissect the story, and re-create a happier ending.

They will enjoy acting out their story as they play the parts of the king, the queen, the horses, men, and whoever else they decide is part of the tale.

I have included a poster of Bloom's Taxonomy to show classroom teachers and admin how many thinking skills you are encouraging as you guide the children in this hilarious activity.

I am making different items available for FREE on Fridays to introduce you to the many items available at my store. All are of this same quality and have been used in my classroom successfully for many years.

Happy Friday to you!

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