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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unit 2 Lesson Plans
Finally! Finished Unit 2. This set of 6 lesson plans has everything you need for Oct.-Nov.-Dec. Based on the standards, it has extensive instructions for teaching songs, activities, games, and dances. You will also find posters, assessments, program suggestions, recorder lessons, and much more. 

The Lesson Plans for a Year set, that I posted when I first retired 3 years ago, has been a huge success, but many people have expressed to me that they do not have access to the materials and resources that I have referenced in my lessons. I totally understand that frustration. I, too, started out with nothing. I borrowed an Autoharp and taught as a volunteer on the stage in the cafeteria. 

It can be done. And it can be done well.

But the great thing is you don't have to reinvent the wheel. The reason it's taking me so long to complete these units is because I'm trying to find as many of the songs and music as I can for those of you who do not have books, CDs, or other materials in your classroom. You can conduct a quality music program for under $100 and by doing so, you will gain the respect and support of other teachers and especially the parents. 

Write grants. When parents or friends ask what they can do to help or what do you need, tell them to buy a drum, a glockenspiel, lummi sticks, etc.

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