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Monday, September 8, 2014

Work Smarter, Not Harder! How to Manage Flash Cards

Many years ago, I made myself a set of rhythm and melody flash cards. As I'm sure you'll understand, my classes at that time were 30 minutes in length, I had 10 classes a day, and they were back to back. My schedule would invariably be different each day. I might have a 4th grade, a 2nd grade, then a Kindergarten class, and so on.

I started each class with echo-clapping and singing. And then I would use the flash cards to reinforce music reading skills at all grade levels. Every class was a scramble for me to add to and/or remove the cards that were or were not needed for that particular grade level.

Then one day, I had a brainstorm! I designed a set for each grade level. Imagine that! And each grade had their own color for the rhythm and vocabulary cards. The melody cards were all white but were also very grade-level specific.

I found the greatest notebook dividers for my cards. They are clear and have pockets. I used a stapler to divide the pockets so the cards would stay put. Look closely and you can see the staples. This is a picture of the kindergarten melody and rhythm cards.

Then I found another great pocket divider for the vocabulary and symbol cards.

These had an extra pocket for a CD insert that I used for the symbol cards which fit perfectly.

I could now set up my cards for all grade levels in my lesson plan notebook and just quickly flip to whichever grade was coming into the room next.

And, believe me, the kids loved the color coding of the cards. Especially the vocabulary cards. 

Fantastic plan! Why didn't I think of that sooner?

Rhythm Flash Card Bundle, K-4(5)
Melody Flash Card Bundle, K-4(5)
Vocabulary Word Flash Card Bundle, K-5
Symbol Flash Card Bundle, 2-5

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