Music Room Ramblings

Looking for a Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

Want to validate yourself as being a "real" teacher?


Feeling alone in your building?


Are you just the "fun" class? 


An extra so the "real" teachers can have their planning time? 


Validate your program!!

STANDARDS & Essential Questions

Post your standards!!

Post the Essential Questions!!

My 2014 Standards Posters Set includes a set of the Essential Questions that are color-coded to match the standard. Posters for your bulletin board. Only $5.00!

Validate your program by showing admin, faculty, and parents that you have a plan. And your plan is not something you just made up! It comes from the National Association for Music Educators. Music educators worked long and hard to develop these standards.

Are folk songs obsolete?

Will they work with all children, no matter the culture or demographics?

I recently had an interesting question from a teacher whom I'm coaching. 

Will folk songs work with children in an urban school? I love teaching folk songs but I'm not sure if the children in my new school will enjoy them.

I began my career in an upper-class, predominantly white neighborhood.

What am I supposed to do with all that music?!?

Hundreds of CDs, thousands of songs, activities, and listening selections!


Where do I start? 

Is there any way to organize all of my music in a way to maximize my efficiency?

Absolutely!! Every new teacher and many veteran teachers are overwhelmed with the daunting task of organizing their music library. When I began teaching over 30 years ago, I remember using the old vinyl record sets! Try dropping the needle in the right place every time. And having the correct record ready? You can only imagine! Then the CD came out and then the boom boxes with 5 CD changers. And yes, I had to use my own money to upgrade each time.

iPods & iTunes

Oh, my stars! When I heard about the first iPod, I had to have one! Fast!!

Back to School . . . Already?!?

But I'm not ready!!!    It's OK. Breathe!! 

Teachers Pay Teachers is having their annual 25% OFF SALE! 

Everything in my store is on sale!! 

Here's your chance to load up on everything you need 
to establish that great program for your students.

No more Wish Lists!  Buy it NOW!!

Start Your Year Inspired . . .

Begin planning . . . NOW!

And you will have a fantastic year.
Plan for everything.
Be prepared. Learn the material!
Be flexible!


Have a set of written lesson plans. YES! Written plans. Plans that are in a notebook and you might also want to post your plans by your door. Attach an envelope to the wall beside your door that