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Teaching Music Reading Skills

Method Book 

Includes 5 videos
in an interactive PDF book file.

Great resource for the elementary classroom music teacher and also a supplemental resource for the college methods class—eBook PDF format for download. Includes a video of beginning recorder class with 3rd graders. There are activities, lesson plans, and assessments, all based on the standards.

Teaching Music Reading Skills (TMRS) is a method of teaching—

  1. Based on the concept of learning language;
  2. That has evolved as a result of over 30 years of use in the elementary music classroom;
  3. That works with a wide spectrum of learners—students with autism, exceptional ed students, life skills students, gifted students;
  4. That has been successful in inner city and suburban schools;
  5. Encourages differentiated learning.

By consistently using this method of repetition and reinforcement, children will gain a confidence in their music reading skills and will be better prepared to begin learning how to play the recorder in 3rd grade.

My First Recorder Book,

Student Version

My First Recorder Book is a single-user, PDF file that students can easily download for their computers, tablets, eReaders, and phones.

Great graphics and easy to read music notation make this book a fantastic resource for the music classroom. 

46 pages, Levels 1 and 2. Includes recorder fingering diagrams for BAG, High CD, Low ED, F, F#, Bb. Staff key on each page.

Color-coded pages for Levels 1 and 2.

Vocabulary page
with links to great websites.

My First Recorder Book

Teacher's Guide

Fantastic resource for the music classroom.

 The Teacher's Guide for My First Recorder Book is a 65-page PDF file for the teacher to download and use on a screen,
eReader, phone, etc.
This Guide contains all of the songs from My First Recorder Book, Student Version, with a lesson plan for each song, 
based on the National Standards.

Level 1 has 27 pages which include 8 songs using B-A-G, High C, and High D.

Level 2 has 38 pages, introduces, low E-D, F, F#, Bb, and has 21 songs including holiday songs, rounds, and challenge songs.  

The cost includes permission to copy the music pages if teachers choose to give their students a hard copy of the music.


More MUSIC READING Activities

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